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Bounce Williams

(310) 871-0895

Growth – Integrity – Gratitude

Three bold words that are attributed to the identity and character behind the man named Bounce. His dedication to growth as a real estate professional, since 2003, has divinely guided him into unprecedented levels of service that begin with his commitment to both his personal and professional development toward the highest good of his clients.

His integrity, a philosophy deeply rooted in his humbled beginnings growing up on a small island in the West Indies called Antigua. In Bounce’s own words, “I’m never attached to a personal financial outcome. I see that as a conflict of interest against what is in the best interest of my clients.” Abundance in client testimony found, with written words, “Trustworthy, ethical and honest.” That’s integrity!

In turn, Bounce exudes a deep sense of gratitude for the bigger purpose in his career, connecting with the people he serves and their dreams, ego aside and in total appreciation for the opportunity.

Like many of us pursuing life dreams and dream homes, Bounce too had a relationship with higher aspirations. His childhood island life, happily shaking coconuts from a tree, sought something more for his life. That dream led to a multi-cultural academy based education in tennis, turning into professional career and later as educator. The same qualities that excelled his tennis career of hard work, discipline and attention to detail, convey to his core foundation in the real estate industry, along with his other values of honesty, persistence and responsibility. These are the virtues that Bounce brings to the client’s table, putting them and their goals first.

Bounce truly is a leader in his field, just as he was a leader on the courts. With 15 years experience in the real estate industry, he has transacted through the wide spectrum of residential property sales and market conditions. From luxury homes, foreclosures, short sales, probate to investment properties. His approach in the residential market is a unique one. He offers his clients a step outside the sometimes emotional and impulsive tendencies and inside more thoughtful and deliberate financial decision-making, offering long-term value-based investments.

Combining his knowledge, people-first and result driven attitude, together with core qualities of growth, integrity and gratitude, Bounce is ready to be your next home court advantage REALTOR®.